Aillebrack Beach, Ballyconneely, Co Galway

Camping Aillebrack Beach, Ballyconneely, Co Galway

Last weekend we travelled to Aillebrack Beach, when we lived in Clifden this was my favourite beach to visit and swim at. I personally find it a magical place, with ever changing skies that blend and contrast with the horizon line, and of course the whole Atlantic Ocean lapping against its shoreline, next stop America, literally.

I loved coming here and just sitting in the grass for hours with our two dogs, so I was very tentative about returning, the last time we were there was just a month before we lost Daisy and I had actually planned the weekend she went in for her operation to visit and stay, but it was never to be.

One thing I do know, is I will never put off doing something again, lots of things can get in the way, work, family, financial stress, so last Saturday when faced with doing overtime for work or visiting the beach I knew there was no choice in it. Memories were needing to be made, even if it was just with our little Missy.


I had always wanted to stay on the beach overnight, so we brought along our small 2 man tent (pop-up), snorkelling gear, kite, strangely enough there was very little wind, so that didn’t really work out, our stove and a small beach feast.

After this we sat in the tent and listened to the waves melodically caress the sand and the rocks as we drifted to sleep.

Pic: Sun setting as we sat on the rolling dunes and watched it disappearing beyond the tip of the peninsula.

The following morning – Breakfast of champions, coffee, porridge, peanut butter and maple syrup, looking out over the beach. Which was quickly followed with a visit by these two guys, the most curious young bullocks I have ever met, in fairness to them though we were two humans in a little tent and therefore deserved some attention.

Staring intently as they hugged close to each other, the brown one intermittently licking and then play head butting the cream one as he watched on. Talking to them only added to their curiosity before they gave up on what was obviously a demented human explaining to them she was a vegan, and therefore had nothing to worry about, at least from her.

They eventually rambled off, play fighting, on the look out for another curious event to explore. We packed and went for one final ramble on the beach in the early morning air, shrouded by shades of grey from the sea to the sky, making memory moments in time.

Tina O Rourke


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