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I’m Tina, I absolutely adore being outdoors living life as it is in every moment.

A Wandering Hippy comprises four parts: Tina (that is me), the Hubby Alan, Missy the Springer and our Wandering Hippy van, a current work in progress.

Missy the Springer

Typically ball obsessed Springer, who is thirteen years old and never misses an opportunity to be in the sea or up a mountain.

Missy the Spaniel
Alan the hubby

Alan aka Hubby

Loves anything techie, whether it’s flying the drone, building the micro camper van, writing or sketching he is always knee deep in getting things done.

Alice the Camper

Follow our travels our newly built campervan. Read about Alice on her dedicated page here

Wandering Hippy Van

Recent Posts from our Outdoor Adventures

Recent Posts from our Outdoor Adventures

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Read More Posts